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Student Resources


Every student is required to have a licence in order to participate in training, and to enter gradings and tournaments.  Licences are £25, and renewable annually.

Licence Application Form (PDF) - Updated 3rd January 2015 



Gradings for coloured belts usually take place approximately every 3 months up to blue belt, and usually every 6 months up to black belt.  You will only be allowed to grade if your instructor believes you are ready and can meet all the grading requirements. 
Please see the Calendar page for details of any upcoming gradings.  
Grading requirements for each belt can be downloaded below. 

 Colour Belt Grading & Theory Sheets v3.2 (PDF) - Updated 24th August 2015   

 Black Belt Grading & Theory Sheets v3 (PDF) - Updated 2nd March 2015 

Black Belt Grading Application Form (PDF) - Updated 19th January 2015 

Tigers Syllabus Sheets (PDF) - Updated 16th March 2016



Merchandise Orders

 We place a bulk order for club merchandise at the end of every month. 
The deadline for each order is the last day of the month

Please download the latest catalogue (below) to see what we have available.  To order, please download and complete the order form, and submit it to your instructor with the required payment. 

Please note that orders can take 3-4 weeks to be delivered from suppliers.

North West Spirit Catalogue v1 (PDF) - Updated 2nd February 2015

Merchandise Order Form v1 (PDF) - Updated 3rd February 2015