North West Spirit Taekwondo

Taekwondo Schools in Liverpool, Halton & Knowsley

Matthew Zhu


BORN: March 2007

GRADE:   Black Belt 1st Dan

PROFILE:  Matthew began training with his brother Philip in 2011. His excellent sparring and technical abilities have earned him medals in various tournaments, as well as a Best In Grading award in December 2013. Matthew achieved his black belt in October 2015, aged just 8 years old.

North West Champion x 2

GTI National Champion 


Grading Awards:
December 2013 - Best In Colour Belt Grading

Annual Student Awards:
2017 - Best Junior Male Competitor (2nd place)
2014 - Best Junior Male Competitor (2nd place)
- Patterns & Technical Ability Award

- Star Kicker Award

2017 GTI North West OpenSparring (Black Belt)GOLD
2017 GTI North West OpenTag Team SparringGOLD
2017 GTI English OpenSparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2016 GTI British ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)BRONZE
2016 GTI National OpenSparring (Black Belt)GOLD
2016 NTX TournamentSparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2016 NTX TournamentPower Test (Black Belt)BRONZE
2016 GTI North West OpenSparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2016 PUMA International OpenSparring (Black Belt)BRONZE
2016 Trident TKD ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2015 GTI National OpenSparring (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2015 UITF British Open ChampionshipsSparring (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2015 NTX TKD TournamentPatterns (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2014 GTI British ChampionshipsSparring (Blue Belt)SILVER
2014 UITF English ChampionshipsPatterns (Blue Belt)SILVER
2014 UITF English ChampionshipsSparring (Blue Belt)SILVER
2014 GTI National OpenSparring (Blue Belt)BRONZE
2014 North West TKD Mini Competition PatternsSILVER
2014 North West TKD Mini CompetitionSparringBRONZE
2014 North West Spirit 1-on-1 TournamentSparringSILVER
2014 GTI English ChampionshipsSparringSILVER
2013 North West Spirit 1-on-1 TournamentSparringSILVER