North West Spirit Taekwondo

Taekwondo Schools in Liverpool, Halton & Knowsley

Maira Malik


GRADE:    Black Belt 1st Dan

Maira is an experienced martial artist, and has adapted her skills well to taekwondo training.  She has a natural ability which has helped her to achieve great results in various tournament events - including three medals at the 2010 World Championships. Maira achieved her black belt in May 2013.

North West 1-on-1 Champion
English Champion, Welsh Champion & British Champion
Scottish Champion, Midlands Champion & Welsh Champion
North West Champion x2 & English Champion
British Champion x2


Halewood Student Awards:
2012 - Best Junior Female Competitor (2nd place)
2011 - Best Junior Female Competitor (3rd place)
2010 - Best Junior Female Competitor (2nd place)
2009 -  Best Junior Female Competitor (1st place) 


2016 NWTKD TournamentPatterns (Black Belt)BRONZE
2016 NWTKD TournamentSparring (Black Belt)BRONZE
2013 North West Spirit 1-on-1 TournamentSparringGOLD
2012 GTI British ChampionshipsPatterns (Red Belt)GOLD
2012 GTI British ChampionshipsPoint-Stop Sparring (Red Belt)BRONZE
2012 Welsh ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2012 English ChampionshipsSparring (Blue Belt)BRONZE
2012 English ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2011 Scottish ChampionshipsPatterns (Blue Belt)BRONZE
2011 Scottish ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2011 Midlands ChampionshipsSparring (Blue Belt)SILVER
2011 Midlands ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2011 Welsh ChampionshipsSparring (Blue Belt)GOLD
2011 Welsh ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2010 9th Open World ChampionshipsSparring (Green Belt)SILVER
2010 9th Open World ChampionshipsPatterns (Green Belt)BRONZE
2010 9th Open World ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Yellow/Green Belt)SILVER
2010 North West Inter-Club ChampionshipsPatterns (Green Belt)GOLD
2010 North West Inter-Club ChampionshipsSparring (White/Yellow/Green Belt)GOLD
2010 English ChampionshipsPatterns (Yellow Belt)BRONZE
2010 English ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow Belt)SILVER
2010 English ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Yellow/Green Belt)GOLD
2010 North Wales Inter-Club ChampionshipsPatterns (White/Yellow Belt)SILVER
2010 North Wales Inter-Club ChampionshipsSparring (White/Yellow/Green Belt)SILVER
2009 British ChampionshipsPatterns (Yellow Belt)GOLD
2009 British ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow Belt)SILVER
2009 British ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Yellow/Green Belt)GOLD
2009 Welsh ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow Belt)SILVER