North West Spirit Taekwondo

Taekwondo Schools in Liverpool, Halton & Knowsley

Joseph McGhee



BORN: January 2009

GRADE:   Black Stripe (1st Kup)

PROFILE: Joe began training in 2014. He enjoys all aspects of taekwondo, and always puts lots of effort into his training. He enjoys taking part in tournaments, where he has won medals for patterns and sparring.

English Champion, Trident TKD Champion, Midlands Champion, North West Champion x 2,
NTX Champion

English Champion x 2


Annual Student Awards:

2016 - Best Young Junior Male Competitor (3rd place)
2015 - Future Star Award

2018 GTI North West OpenPatterns (Blue/Red Belt)BRONZE
2018 GTI North West OpenSparring (Mixed)SILVER
2017 GTI North West OpenPatterns (Blue Belt)SILVER
2017 GTI North West OpenTag Team SparringSILVER
2017 Trident TKD ChampionshipsSparring (Colour Belt)BRONZE
2017 GTI English OpenSparring (Blue Belt)BRONZE
2016 UITF English OpenSparring (Green Belt)GOLD
2016 UITF English OpenPatterns (Green Belt)BRONZE
2016 NTX TournamentSparring (6th-4th Kup)GOLD
2016 GTI North West OpenPatterns (Green Belt)GOLD
2016 GTI North West OpenSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)GOLD
2016 GTI North West OpenTag Team SparringSILVER
2016 Heart of England Midlands OpenSparring (Green Belt)GOLD
2016 Trident TKD ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)GOLD
2016 GTI English ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)SILVER
2015 LTSI English OpenPatterns (Yellow/Green Belt)SILVER
2015 LTSI English OpenSparring (Mixed Grades)BRONZE
2015 UITF English ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow Belt)GOLD
2015 UITF English ChampionshipsPatterns (Yellow Belt)BRONZE
2015 MCHF TKD Novice ChampionshipsSparring (7th-8th Kup)SILVER
2015 MCHF TKD Novice ChampionshipsPatterns (7th-8th Kup)SILVER
2015 UITF English Colour Belt ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow Belt)GOLD
2015 GTI National OpenSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)BRONZE