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ITF & WTF Taekwondo Styles


There are many similarities and differences between these two styles, but here are a few practical ones in terms of training.


ITF (Chang Hon) StyleWTF (Kukki) Style 
ITF - Named after the International Taekwondo Federation. WTF - Named after the World Taekwondo Federation.
 Focuses on traditional taekwondo with equal emphasis on patterns, sparring, self defence and breaking.Focuses on taekwondo as a sport (as seen in the Olympics), although does also have a traditional side.
In sparring, a head guard is usually worn, along with shin guards, groin guard, padded gloves and padded foot protectors.In sparring, body/chest protection is worn, along with head guard, groin guard, shin & forearm protectors and thin hand & foot protectors.
In sparring, scoring is via punches and kicks to the body and head.In sparring, scoring is mainly through kicking techniques, although body punches are allowed.