North West Spirit Taekwondo

Taekwondo Schools in Liverpool, Halton & Knowsley

Ethan Calland


BORN:  July 1998

GRADE:   Black Belt 2nd Dan

Ethan trains with his twin brother Josh and dad Eddie.  He began training in 2007 because he wanted to learn self defence and to build his confidence; both of which he has achieved through tae kwon-do.  Ethan gained his black belt in April 2011. 
Ethan became World Champion in 2014 after winning gold in patterns at the PUMA World Championships.  

World Champion
British Champion, T-UK Black Belt Champion x2, Welsh Champion
North Wales Champion 
English Champion
South Midlands Champion, North West Champion, Midlands Champion, Welsh Champion & British Champion
Midlands Champion, English Champion & British Champion
Midlands Champion & Scottish Champion

Knowsley Sport & Physical Activity Awards
Nominee, Young Volunteer of the Year 2014
Nominee, Young Sportsperson of the Year 2014
Nominee, Young Volunteer of the Year 2012
Nominee, Young Volunteer of the Year 2011
Nominee, Young Sportsperson of the Year 2011
Nominee, Young Sportsperson of the Year 2010

Annual Student Awards: 

2014 - Best Cadet Competitor (3rd place)
 - Best Cadet Male Competitor (1st place) 
2012 - Best Cadet Male Competitor (1st place)
2011 - Award for Contributions to Halewood Tae Kwon-Do
2010 - Commitment & Dedication Award and Best Junior Male Competitor (2nd place)
2009 - Best Junior Male Competitor (2nd place)
2008 - Best Junior Male Competitor (1st place) 

2014 GTI National OpenPatterns (Black Belt)BRONZE
2014 PUMA World ChampionshipsPatterns (Black Belt 1st-2nd Dan)GOLD
2014 PUMA World ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)BRONZE
2014 GTI English ChampionshipsPoint-Stop Sparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2014 GTI English ChampionshipsContinuous Sparring (Black Belt)BRONZE
2013 UKTA Welsh ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)GOLD
2013 UKTA Welsh ChampionshipsSpecial TechniqueSILVER
2013 UKTA Welsh ChampionshipsPatterns (Black Belt 2nd Dan)BRONZE
2013 PUMA British OpenPower TestingGOLD
2013 PUMA British OpenSparring (Black Belt)BRONZE
2013 PUMA British OpenPatterns  (Black Belt)BRONZE
2013 T-UK Black Belt ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)GOLD
2013 T-UK Black Belt ChampionshipsHigh Kick (Black Belt)GOLD
2012 GTI British ChampionshipsPoint-Stop Sparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2012 Midlands ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)BRONZE
2012 Welsh ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2012 South Midlands ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2012 North Wales ChampionshipsMusical PatternsGOLD
2012 North Wales ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2011 Scottish ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)BRONZE
2011 Welsh ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2011 English ChampionshipsPatterns (Red Belt)BRONZE
2011 English ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2011 North Wales Inter-Club ChampionshipsSparring (Blue/Red Belt)BRONZE
2010 British ChampionshipsSparring (Red Belt)SILVER
2010 British ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2010 9th Open World ChampionshipsLightweight Team Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2010 9th Open World ChampionshipsMiddleweight Team Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2010 North Midlands ChampionshipsSparring (Red Belt)BRONZE
2010 Midlands ChampionshipsSparring (Red Belt)GOLD
2010 Midlands ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2010 Welsh ChampionshipsSparring (Red Belt)GOLD
2010 Welsh ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2010 North West Inter-Club ChampionshipsSparring (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2010 North West Inter-Club ChampionshipsPatterns (Red Belt)SILVER
2010 North West Inter-Club ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2010 English ChampionshipsSparring (Blue Belt)BRONZE
2010 English ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)BRONZE
2010 South Midlands ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2009 British ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2009 North Midlands ChampionshipsSparring (Blue Belt)SILVER
2009 Midlands ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2009 English ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Yellow/Green Belt)GOLD
2009 North Wales Inter-Club ChampionshipsSparring (White/Yellow/Green Belt)SILVER
2009 South Midlands ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Yellow/Green Belt)BRONZE
2008 British ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Yellow/Green Belt)SILVER
2008 North West Inter-Club ChallengeSparring (Green Belt)SILVER
2008 Scottish ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Yellow/Green Belt)GOLD
2008 Midlands ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Yellow/Green Belt)GOLD
2008 Welsh ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow Belt)BRONZE
2008 Welsh ChampionshipsTeam Sparring (Yellow/Green Belt)SILVER