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Zak Ahmad


BORN: September 2009

GRADE:  Blue Stripe (5th Kup)

PROFILE: Zak began training in 2014 with his brother, Adam. He enjoys all aspects of taekwondo and always puts maximum effort into his training. Zak is a good all-round competitor, who has won medals in both patterns and sparring events. 

English Champion, North West Champion
English Champion x 2, North West Champion, NTX Champion, GTI National Champion,
British Champion
MCHF TKD Novice Champion x 2


Annual Student Awards:

2017 - Best Young Junior Male Competitor (3rd place)
2016 - Best Young Junior Male Competitor (2nd place)
2015 - Best Newcomer Award

2017 GTI British OpenPatterns (Green Belt)BRONZE
2017 LTSI English OpenSparring (Green Belt)BRONZE
2017 GTI North West OpenSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)SILVER
2017 GTI North West OpenTag Team SparringGOLD
2017 GTI English OpenSparring (Yellow Belt)GOLD
2017 GTI English OpenPatterns (Yellow Belt)SILVER
2016 NWTKD TournamentPatterns (Yellow Belt)BRONZE
2016 GTI British ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow Belt)GOLD
2016 UITF English OpenSparring (8th-7th Kup)GOLD
2016 UITF English OpenPatterns (8th-7th Kup)SILVER
2016 GTI National OpenSparring (Yellow Belt)GOLD
2016 West Lothian OpenSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)BRONZE
2016 NTX TournamentSparring (10th-7th Kup)GOLD
2016 NTX TournamentPower Test (10th-7th Kup)BRONZE
2016 GTI North West OpenSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)SILVER
2016 GTI North West OpenTag Team SparringGOLD
2016 LTSI South East OpenSparring (10th-6th Kup)SILVER
2016 Trident TKD ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)BRONZE
2016 GTI English ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)GOLD
2015 MCHF TKD Novice ChampionshipsSparring (10th-9th Kup)GOLD
2015 MCHF TKD Novice ChampionshipsPatterns (10th-9th Kup)GOLD