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Olivia Connolly


GRADE:   Black Belt 1st Dan

PROFILE:  Olivia began training in 2008.  She enjoys various aspects of taekwondo, including pad work, patterns and sparring.  Olivia loves taking part in tournaments, where she has won medals in both patterns and sparring; including a bronze medal for sparring at the 2014 PUMA World Championships, and bronze medals in patterns and sparring at the 2015 UITF World Championships. Olivia gained her black belt in October 2015, at just 10 years old.

International Open Champion 
Trident TKD Champion, Midlands Champion, North West Champion x 2, NTX Champion x 2,
West Lothian Champion x 2, GTI National Champion
British Champion x 3, South East Champion x 2, GTI National Champion x 2,
English Champion x 2
North West 1-on-1 Champion, North West TKD Mini-Comp Champion,
GTI National Champion x2, British Champion x2
British Champion x2, North West 1-on-1 Champion


Grading Awards:
December 2014 - Best In Colour Belt Grading

Annual Student Awards: 
2016 - Best Junior Female Competitor (1st place)
2015 - Best Junior Female Competitor (1st place)
 - Best Junior Female Competitor (1st place)

2013 - Best Junior Female Competitor (2nd place)
2017 Trident TKD ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)BRONZE
2017 PUMA International OpenSparring (Black Belt)GOLD
2017 PUMA International OpenPatterns (Black Belt)BRONZE
2016 NWTKD TournamentSparring (Black Belt)BRONZE
2016 UITF English OpenSparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2016 UITF English OpenSpeed Kick (Black Belt)SILVER
2016 UITF English OpenHigh Kick (Black Belt)BRONZE
2016 GTI National OpenSparring (Black Belt)GOLD
2016 West Lothian OpenPatterns (Black Belt)GOLD
2016 West Lothian OpenSparring (Red/Black Belt)GOLD
2016 NTX TournamentSparring (Black Belt)GOLD
2016 NTX Tournament
Power Test (Red/Black Belt)GOLD
2016 NTX Tournament
Power Test (Black Belt)SILVER
2016 GTI North West OpenPatterns (Black Belt)BRONZE
2016 GTI North West OpenSparring (Black Belt)GOLD
2016 GTI North West OpenTag Team SparringGOLD
2016 Heart of England Midlands OpenSparring (Black Belt)GOLD
2016 Heart of England Midlands OpenPatterns (Black Belt)SILVER
2016 PUMA International OpenSparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2016 PUMA International OpenPatterns (Black Belt)BRONZE
2016 Trident TKD ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)GOLD
2016 Trident TKD ChampionshipsPatterns (Black Belt)SILVER
2016 GTI English ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2015 GTI British ChampionshipsJunior Team PatternsGOLD
2015 GTI British ChampionshipsSparring (Black Belt)SILVER
2015 LTSI English OpenSparring (5th-1st Kup)SILVER
2015 UITF English ChampionshipsSparring (Red Belt)GOLD
2015 UITF English ChampionshipsPatterns (Red Belt)BRONZE
2015 UITF English Colour Belt ChampionshipsSparring (Red Belt)GOLD
2015 UITF English Colour Belt ChampionshipsPatterns (Red Belt)SILVER
2015 Open World Taekwondo ChampionshipsPatterns (Blue/Red Belt)BRONZE
2015 Open World Taekwondo Championships
Sparring (8th-1st Kup)BRONZE
2015 GTI National OpenPatterns (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2015 GTI National OpenSparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2015 UITF British Open ChampionshipsSparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2015 Kwon Grand Slam Kickboxing TournamentPoint SparringBRONZE
2015 Kwon Grand Slam Kickboxing TournamentContinuous SparringSILVER
2015 LTSI South East ChampionshipsPatterns (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2015 LTSI South East ChampionshipsSparring (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2015 PUMA British ChampionshipsPatterns (Blue/Red Belt)GOLD
2015 PUMA British ChampionshipsSparring (Blue/Red Belt)BRONZE
2014 GTI British ChampionshipsPatterns (Blue Belt)GOLD
2014 GTI British ChampionshipsSparring (Blue Belt)GOLD
2014 UITF English ChampionshipsPatterns (Blue Belt)SILVER
2014 UITF English ChampionshipsSparring (Blue/Red Belt)SILVER
2014 GTI National OpenPatterns (Blue Belt)GOLD
2014 GTI National OpenSparring (Blue Belt)GOLD
2014 North West TKD Mini Competition PatternsGOLD
2014 North West Spirit 1-on-1 TournamentSparringGOLD
2014 PUMA World ChampionshipsSparring (8th-5th Kup)BRONZE
2014 GTI English ChampionshipsPatterns (Green Belt)SILVER
2014 GTI English ChampionshipsSparring (Green Belt)BRONZE
2013 GTI British ChampionshipsSparring (Green Belt)SILVER
2013 PUMA British OpenPatterns (Yellow/Green Belt)GOLD
2013 PUMA British OpenSparring (Yellow/Green Belt)GOLD
2013 GTI National OpenPatterns (Yellow Belt)SILVER
2013 North West Spirit 1-on-1 TournamentSparringGOLD
2013 GTI English ChampionshipsPatterns (Yellow Belt)SILVER
2013 GTI English ChampionshipsSparring (Yellow Belt)SILVER